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That every male who is effeminate is not gay? Chapter 8 of Black Sheep Secret: The Homosexual Spirit Exposed gives reason why some men are effeminate.

We like to look at every man who show some sign of femininity and label them gay, or homosexual. We are so repressed about sexual orientation that we will label anyone who is less than what we believe a man to be. Homosexuality is wrong and against nature, however, we must be clear before we are so willing to label anyone.


Chapter 1 Preview: The Testimony

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In 1995, 1.3 million children were sexually assaulted in the United States (Child Lures Prevention Web site). The Child Lures Prevention Web site also states that 89 percent of child sexual assault cases involve persons known to the child, such as a caretaker or family acquaintance. Many of
these children go on to become homosexuals and lesbians with issues of guilt, depression, anger, hatred, self-loathing, and a lack of self-confidence.

My own experience with molestation and homosexuality began with a close family member. I was four or five years old, and we slept in the same room, in the same bed, queen size as I remember.

I didn’t know what I was doing, only that I was obeying this person’s commands. We did this until someone knocked on the door and started to open it. He then threw me off him and wrapped the covers over us and acted as if nothing happened.

I Love Lucy was playing on the black-and-white console television as I wondered about what had just transpired. This would be the last time this person would touch me in this manner. Perhaps he felt bad about it; however, the damage was done. I was four or five years old.

Please understand that the tip of a young boy’s penis is just as sensitive as a man’s. That is why you see some small boys playing between their legs when they turn three and four years of age. Even at this tender age, the penis can be made to become erect.

Anyway, as I thought about the events that had recently transpired, I considered that the feeling was good, and I was willing to do it again, because now he had taught me that this was right.

A young lady used to babysit me. She was a teenager about seventeen years old. She laid me on top of her, causing my hips to move back and forth while her hips moved under me. However, since I had already learned this lesson from another family member, it had become child’s play. Children gravitate to the evil long before they are taught or guided to the good.

In both cases, there were no penetration, but the stench and stigma of molestation had placed its mark on me.

While there are worse stories of molestation, anytime anyone exposes himself or herself to a child in a sexual manner that is molestation.

This would manifest itself again a few days or weeks later when my mother and I were in bed together (we were living with one of her friends and therefore shared a room). I took her hand and repeated what I had been taught: My mother woke up, moved her hand, and looked at me, but never
said a word, and I never told her what had been happening to me (in the case of my babysitter) for quite some time.

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15 Years Free From Homosexuality! Wehoo.

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What a wonderful God I serve. It was January 1994 when the Lord delivered me from homosexuality and placed me on the path of true freedom. This freedom is available to everyone who wants true deliverance. Even those who don’t believe one could be delivered from homosexuality. The Lord wants to make you free; try him. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Chapter 4 Preview: I Want To Be Free

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What you must understand is that God does not take anything from you; he receives of you. In other words, you must give to Him in order to receive of Him. So to pray, “Lord please take this thing from me,” is not going to work, because you have to give it to him.

God is not a rapist. He is not willing to take something you are not willing to give, and in order for you to give anything to him, you must first be tired of it. So you must get tired of your lifestyle; you must get tired of sex your way.

For unless you are tired of a thing there is no deliverance from it.

The woman with the issue of blood (see St. Matthew 9:20–22) got tired of being sick. She got tired of bleeding every day, of being weak and exhausted. She spent all her living on physicians and didn’t get any better. Finally, she heard that Jesus was passing by and decided to put her faith in
Him and was made every whit whole.

The blind man at the side of the road (see Luke 18:35–43) heard that Jesus was passing by and refused to remain silent. He cried out to the Lord, and the Lord heard his cry and the blind man received his sight. You too can be free and completely whole by placing your
faith in Jesus Christ.

To get you to the place where you will get tired, God often allows uncomfortable things to come into your life. In other words, your comfort zone becomes uncomfortable.

For example, when I started to get tired of homosexuality, there seemed to be more difficulties in my life. Loved ones that I thought were on my side were not on my side at all. All my familiar friends weren’t around anymore. The more I sought them the more disappointed I got. The people who said
they loved me turned around and left me, and my comfort zone was shaken. God knows how to get your attention. So by the time deliverance drew near no one had to ask me, “Do you want to be free?” because I didn’t have any choice but to get free. There was nothing endearing me to my lifestyle anymore. There was nothing holding me to those friends anymore. There was no one to convince me to stay in that lifestyle.

You know how it is. You’re on the brink of deliverance, and the person you are in a relationship with don’t want you anymore, but as soon as you decide to go back to God then that devil wants you back. Now they want to start kissing on you. Now they can’t go five minutes without you being in
their presence. The devil is a lie. Pack your bags, baby; you’re on the brink of deliverance. You’re about to be made free, and the devil knows it. He’s trying to stop your breakthrough. He’s trying to keep you in bondage, and God wants to set you free. He’s been waiting for you for a long time to get into the place where he can deliver you. Don’t let the devil stop your blessing.

You’ve been tired a long time. You’ve been frustrated a long time. Tell the devil, “You’re not stopping me this time. I’m pregnant with deliverance, and deliverance must come forth.”

So I got tired. I threw away all numbers, letters, and pictures of people I knew were still attached to the homosexual lifestyle. I moved to another city, because I wanted to stay free. One of the first things God will do after you receive your deliverance is to separate you from influential distractions.

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The Official Author Blog of James Bligen

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Black Sheep Secret

Black Sheep Secret

Black Sheep Secret: The Homosexual Spirit Exposed.  Is a definitive look into  the spirit of Homosexuality and the role it plays in the church, and in the lives of women struggling to find a real brother.  It answers the age old question: “Why men having sex with men is an abomination,  why women having sex with women is confusion, and why you could be in danger of marrying or dating a homosexual.”  Black Sheep Secret also delves deep into the phenomenon of Men on the down-low. 

The first chapter of this book is devoted to James’ testimony.  It depicts the struggles of a young man trying to overcome sexual abuse, self hatred, and homosexuality. 

All excuse is removed and the truth is told in this straight forward book by James Bligen. There is freedom for the homosexual, and its in the name of Jesus.